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Why Instagram in the Practice Can be a Great Marketing Tool

Why Instagram in the Practice Can be a Great Marketing Tool
Plastic Surgeon Instagram

Although only released in 2010 for the first time, Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social networking platforms and probably the most popular photo-sharing platform around. Available only to Android and iPhone users at present, Instagram has proven itself to be one of the most effective and valuable marketing tools around for plastic surgeons other medical related professionals.

It’s Free

One of the main benefits of using Instagram for plastic surgeons is the fact that it doesn’t cost a penny to download or use. However, it enables surgeons to quickly and easily showcase their services, procedures and products to more than 150 million active users around the world, all of whom are potential clients. Where else is it possible to showcase your plastic surgery skills and products to such a diverse demographic of people and not have to outlay any finances for your advertising costs?

An Effective Form of Visual Marketing

Much like other social networking platforms, Instagram works by having your followers ‘like’ your photos, post appropriate comments on them and in turn share them with other users on the network. These days, few people have the time or are willing to read through endless paragraphs of text-based advertising content. It is also far easier to showcase your work to clients by means of a series of photos than it is to try and provide them with boring text-based descriptions, which is another reason why Instagram for plastic surgeons is an excellent marketing strategy.

Here is one plastic surgeon, Davis Plastic Surgery doing a pretty good job at it.


Easily Attract Website Traffic

When setting up the Instagram account for your plastic surgery practice, it’s important to remember that you will only have one opportunity to include an active hyperlink in your profile, which can only be incorporated into the bio section. Using compelling Calls to Action (CTA’s) and mentioning your company website in your post comments will also help drive traffic to your plastic surgery website. When placing the hyperlink in the bio section of your Instagram account, it is recommended that you use a link that will take visitors directly to an appropriate sales or landing page.

Connect with a Targeted Audience

When considering Instagram for plastic surgeons, you will need to remember that out of the 150 million active users, there will be at least a few thousand who will end up becoming your target audience. Although it will take time to build up a community of followers, who are interested in plastic or cosmetic surgery, harnessing the power of this social networking community while it is still relatively small will certainly pay off in leaps and bounds in the long term.  You will also notice that Instagram users are always eager to interact with you and learn more about your surgery procedures and products, which makes using this platform more of a win-win situation than ever.

If you feel that you don’t know enough about using Instagram for plastic surgeons, chances are that you may have a younger employee who does. If not, there are marketing agencies who will be more than willing to use this social media platform to help your plastic surgery practice gain the online popularity that it deserves. provides web marketing services and solutions exclusively to the cosmetic plastic surgery industry.


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