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Why Having an Office Event Once a Month for Patients is Great for Web Marketing

Why Having an Office Event Once a Month for Patients is Great for Web Marketing

Many plastic surgeons have open houses in their offices that allow them to keep in touch with patients and provide special discounts or other benefits for those who attend. These gatherings can also be very useful for plastic surgeon marketing on the web as well. Content is extremely important in the world of web marketing, and the chance to have so many people in one area connected to your practice is a terrific content generator.

More Exposure for your Web Site

Many returning patients might know your practice and might even be willing to suggest your services to friends who are looking for specific plastic surgery procedures, but not all of them are likely to know about your website or social media channels. By providing business cards, refrigerator magnets, or flyers that are branded with your practice’s website, you greatly increase your online exposure. Once your customers know of your site, they are also much more likely to share the web address with others. Finally, you can improve your online marketing abilities by providing an email sign-up sheet. This allows people to voluntarily join your mailing lists so they can learn about new practice developments.

Generating Social Media Content

Having a gathering like this is also a good way to generate content for your social media networks. Social media channels that don’t have frequent updates tend to get lost in the shuffle, so you will need to have something to talk about if you want to make sure you stay relevant online. Prior to one of these events, you can generate discussion about the event and special features of the gathering. You can take pictures during the gathering and post them online afterward to give people who didn’t attend a sense of the fun that was had. This makes it more likely that people will pay attention to future gatherings, which in turn makes it more likely that those events will be even more beneficial in the future.

Post images from the event on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Creating Press Releases

Any significant event is going to have a press release of some sort, and you can generate news articles both before and after the gathering. The initial press release should focus on what will be happening at the gathering, while a follow-up release can give specific breakdowns as to the number of attendees, items that were discussed, and any sort of special guests who appeared. In both of these releases, you can provide some useful plastic surgeon marketing as well, detailing your surgeons, providing some explanation of the sort of procedures that your office performs, and so on.

Monthly gatherings and other social events are a great way of providing plastic surgeon marketing not only on a face-to-face basis but online as well. As these events become something that people can look forward to on a regular basis, you can expect more social media chatter and a better online presence for your plastic surgery office. This will dramatically increase your exposure and your patient base, turning these events into a self-perpetuating marketing machine. provides web marketing services and solutions exclusively to the cosmetic plastic surgery industry.


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