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Social Media Consulting

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As many doctors and plastic surgeons are aware, social media is an excellent gateway into a very wide audience. It is a good way to keep in touch with customers, and it offers a more personalized method of approaching them. At Surgeon Boost are happy to offer consulting for plastic surgeons for your social media needs, including which social media to use, how best to use said social media outlets, and the likely impact these websites and steps will have on your practice.

The Impact of Social Media

When you sign up for social media, you give your customers the opportunity to contact you in a way that is casual and comfortable. However, the opposite is also true: using social media gives your practice the opportunity to contact your customers in a way that is casual and comfortable. Through social media, you can create blogs and distribute information to people who are interested in your business through a casual network that they enjoy using and are likely to be consistently using. In this way, you start to feel less like a business and more like a friend. This is a good opportunity for both advertising to and connecting with your customers and should be utilized to its full potential.

How We Can Help

Our plastic surgeon social media consulting programs are well-thought out and then finely tuned to fit your practice’s goals and objectives. Social media is an enormous network and a vast undertaking for any business. Our friendly and approachable team, however, know exactly what they are doing with regards to linking plastic surgery to those who want it via all social media avenues, and are ready and happy to help you do the same.

Our consultation services are open to any plastic surgeon practice looking for a uniquely crafted way to get their social network started. We are eager to work with you to find how best we can help you navigate your practice through the world of social media.

$150 per/hour
1 Hour
  • 1 hour phone
  • 2 follow up emails
  • Website analysis

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$100 per/hour
3 Hours
  • 3 hour block
  • 5 follow up emails
  • Website analysis

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$75 per/hour
5 Hours
  • 5 hour block
  • 10 follow up emails
  • Website analysis

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