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10 Social Platforms Where You Can Advertise Your Practice

10 Social Platforms Where You Can Advertise Your Practice
Plastic Surgeon Advertising

When it comes to plastic surgeon advertising, many surgeons forget the fact that they can in fact use the power of social media to their advantage. Here are 10 of the most popular social media sites where you can advertise your plastic surgery practice and services.

1. LinkedIn

This is one of the fastest-growing professional social network platforms in the world, which is precisely why you should be advertising your plastic surgery practice here. LinkedIn will enable you to connect with other professionals in the cosmetic surgery industry as well.

2. Twitter

Although this social networking platform only provides you with 160 characters to have your say, it can still provide you with an excellent form of plastic surgeon advertising and marketing. However, recent changes now enable you to add photos or even video clips to your daily tweets to make them more engaging.

3. Facebook

Despite other social networks cropping up, Facebook remains by far one of the most popular choices for plastic surgeons when promoting their services. The latest regulations on this network state that you will need to set up a fan page or ‘like’ page to promote your products and services here.

4. Google+

Although not as popular as other social networking platforms yet, Google + is slowly gaining momentum when it comes to being used for business and promotional purposes such as plastic surgeon advertising.

5. Vitals

Not only does this site allow you as a plastic surgeon to see what peers in your region are working on; it also provides a portal for potential patients to research plastic surgeons and the available facilities in their area.

6. RealSelf

While the site is geared primarily towards patients who are looking for reputable surgeons, it also provides a place for plastic surgeons to create their own profiles and thereby showcase their abilities to potential patients across the globe.

7. Sermo

This is currently one of the largest online communities dedicated solely to the medical industry, with around one out of three medical professionals using it. It enables you to stay in touch with other professionals in the cosmetic surgery industry.

8. ZocDoc

Although this social media site has been designed to help patients find a doctor or surgeon in a specific field, it means that it is also the ideal spot for plastic surgeons to set up a profile to showcase their procedures and services.

9. Doximity

Up to 40% of plastic surgeons are registered here, making it an excellent network for plastic surgeons to crate public profiles on. Here, surgeons can even upload their CV’s to help improve their chances of being selected for potential job openings.

10. WeMedUp

Not only can plastic surgeons create their own profiles here; they can also have the opportunity to connect and interact with more prominent and experienced surgeons in the plastic surgery industry.

If you find that you are too busy to keep up with your profiles on all of the above mentioned social networks, our team of experts here at Surgeon Boost will be more than willing to assist you with all of your plastic surgeon advertising requirements. provides web marketing services and solutions exclusively to the cosmetic plastic surgery industry.


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