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Marketing a Practice is Not Just About SEO - It's Also Personal Branding

Marketing a Practice is Not Just About SEO - It's Also Personal Branding
Plastic Surgeon Branding

One of the common mistakes that private physician practices often makes is the tendency to approach marketing in the same way a group might approach small business promotion. This includes a heavy focus on SEO and web design that relies on keyword placement. However, a healthy dose of plastic surgeon personal branding is also important because it allows you to emphasize the individual skills and talents of the doctors that make your office stand out.

Putting the Surgeon in the Spotlight

When you start marketing for your office, it’s important to remember what the average person wants when they choose which doctor’s office they go to – they want to know that the doctor they are going to see is reliable and effective. While SEO is important to make sure your customers find exactly what they are looking for when they do a web search (i.e., a surgeon who specializes in scar repair or botox administration), you need to make sure the doctor or doctors who work at the office stay front and center. Make sure you focus your SEO around the services that the doctors specialize in, and also be sure to mention the doctors by name when appropriate.

Combining SEO and Doctor Branding

Finding the right combination of SEO and plastic surgeon personal branding is not a difficult thing to do as long as you remember that it is important to remain informative even when you are writing an article for marketing purposes. With this in mind, you should just let the information flow naturally when designing your website. As an example, say you’re focusing on providing information about liver spot removal. Did a doctor in your office recently get recognition for outstanding performance in this field? What about speaking invitations and other opportunities that helped to highlight your staff? Whenever you inform your patients about something, you should also inform them about your doctors.

Doctor Profiles

One of the most important items you can have on any website relating to your office is an easy link to your doctors’ bios. A strong profile page for a plastic surgeon should include a professional headshot, information about where the doctor went to school and completed residency, and an abridged version of the doctor’s CV that gives all the major accomplishments, memberships in national societies, and other important information that patients and colleagues should know about. You may want to include the full CV for the doctor. This is fine if you provide it as a PDF link that can be easily accessed. The importance, though, is consistency. If you do multiple profiles, keep them laid out the same.

Here are some areas you can list your bio:

Strong plastic surgeon personal branding is not something you should underestimate when designing your office’s website or performing any other web marketing. Keep in mind that a doctor is effectively the face of the practice, and patients should be able to access relevant information about the doctors in your office before they make any decision about pursuing your services. provides web marketing services and solutions exclusively to the cosmetic plastic surgery industry.


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