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5 Things a Plastic Surgeon Can Post on Facebook to Boost Engagement

5 Things a Plastic Surgeon Can Post on Facebook to Boost Engagement
Plastic Surgeon Facebook Engagement

Although most plastic surgeons are aware that they need to have some form of social media presence, not many of them are aware of how to make this happen. Here are five simple strategies and items that a plastic surgeon can use to boost his or her levels of engagement on social networking sites like Facebook.

1. Customer Testimonials

When it comes to plastic surgeon Facebook marketing, there is very little else that is as effective as authentic customer testimonials. This will provide an ideal opportunity for existing as well as potential clients to see the type of procedures that a surgeon is able to perform. It’s important to update these testimonials regularly and a surgeon will also need to obtain permission from clients before placing their testimonials online.

2. Photos

One of the most effective ways to let potential clients know what procedures can be performed is for a surgeon to upload ‘before and after’ photos to his or her company Facebook profile. The photos should clearly depict what type of procedure has been performed so that potential candidates can determine whether they should have the same surgery carried out or not. Again, it will be necessary to ensure that the client’s permission has been obtained before placing any photos online.


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3. Video Clips

These days, most people prefer to watch a short video clip instead of having to read through seemingly endless paragraphs of text. These clips can include information such as the types of procedures that a surgeon can perform, benefits associated with a particular procedure and how a candidate can prepare for having plastic surgery performed. It is recommended that video clips not exceed four to five minutes in length, as not many people are willing to pay attention for longer than that.

4. Promotional Offers

Regardless of the type of product or service sold, it has been proven that one of the easiest ways to increase Facebook engagement figures is to provide page fans with promotional or discount offers. A plastic surgeon could encourage clients to visit his or her practice by offering free consultations or even run a promotion that would provide discount on a particular procedure if it is booked and performed within a specified time frame.


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5. Quick Polls

If a plastic surgeon would like to find out from page fans what they would like to see on his or her Facebook page, it is a good idea to consider offering quick polls or surveys. For example, fans could be asked whether they prefer to be updated daily or weekly or they could even be asked whether they would like to see more video clips or more testimonials.

All of these things can go a long way in boosting plastic surgeon Facebook marketing figures. If a surgeon finds that Facebook marketing is taking up too much of his or her time, there are numerous experts who can provide these services at affordable rates. provides web marketing services and solutions exclusively to the cosmetic plastic surgery industry.


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