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How to Leverage Pinterest to Market your Plastic Surgeon Practice

How to Leverage Pinterest to Market your Plastic Surgeon Practice
Pinterest for Surgeons

Pinterest is a tremendous marketing tool that can help to get the word out about your organization as well as educate your client base. Virtually every business out there can benefit greatly from Pinterest marketing, including plastic surgeon practices. If you are new to this social media tool or just need some guidance to figure out how you can maximize its efficacy, read on to learn more about the power of marketing your practice through Pinterest.

Encourage Content Sharing

In any sort of online marketing, regular content creation is key. You should make sure to update your website at least once a week and possibly multiple times per week if you have enough quality content to present. Your updates could include blog entries, overviews of common procedures, patient testimonials, and much more. Regardless of what sort of information you provide to your patients on the web, the important thing is to encourage them to share what they read. Every page or post on your website should include a button in plain view that will allow visitors to share content on Pinterest and other social media networks. This will get them to post your content on their pages and increase views.

Share Content from other Providers

The key part of the phrase “social media” is the word “social.” You can’t just post your own content and expect people to show an interest – you need to be able to provide a feeling that you are integrated into part of a larger community. In order for your Pinterest marketing to take off, you need to establish friends and contacts. That means sharing what other people post when it is relevant to your practice. Just make sure that what you share is correct and in line with the concepts you want to promote. Sharing something about a controversial new procedure that you don’t have much expertise in, for example, would do your practice a lot more damage than good.

Educate and Inform

The best way to promote yourself through social media is to make yourself useful to the community as a whole. While placing the occasional clear promotional plug is fine, don’t make yourself too transparent in your marketing. Take the time to make sure that almost everything you post has some informational value that will educate your potential clients. This will do two things. First, it will make you a trusted source of information that people routinely turn to. Second, it will make for a more educated client base. Especially in a field filled with as many myths and misinformed individuals as plastic surgery, having more patients who are educated and informed will help you and the field as a whole.

Pinterest marketing is a great way to promote a medical office, especially in an area such as plastic surgery in which more people need to be better informed. Consider implementing the tips presented above and you will quickly find yourself flooded with new patients and social media opportunities. provides web marketing services and solutions exclusively to the cosmetic plastic surgery industry.


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