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One of the strongest internet marketing methods out there is pay-per-click advertising. Combined with an optimized website, your plastic surgeon advertising will serve to strengthen the already increasing traffic you will be receiving. In order to properly manage a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign, there is a lot of research, planning, and strategic thinking that must be taken into account to reach the highest possible level of interested people.

Setting Up and Preparation

When we begin creating a PPC campaign for a plastic surgeon, we take into account your pre-existing business goals and objectives. We also perform extensive research into keywords and landing pages already associated with those keywords. The goal of all this research is to ensure that PPC ads are only becoming visible to a very specific audience, which is determined by your business goals and the objective of your practice. Afterwards, ad groups are made based on the researched keywords, a budget is created, and ads are published on designated advertising sites.


The primary attraction of PPC advertising is already in the name – payments are made based on how often the ad is clicked. Because of this, however, a PPC campaign requires a lot of upkeep – a constant refresh of keywords to keep the ads current for their audience, frequent monitoring of funds to protect the advertising budget, and common refreshes of the ads. We are more than happy to assist with the constant monitoring and upkeep of advertising campaigns to keep them as useful to your business as possible.

PPC ads are some of the most useful to internet marketers, provided they have the ability to monitor them constantly. Surgeonboost provides that upkeep, and makes these ads truly effective at bringing in extra traffic from exactly the right audience for you.

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