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How to Introduce Image Sharing in a Practice to Boost Branding

How to Introduce Image Sharing in a Practice to Boost Branding
Image Sharing

When it comes to using sites such as Flickr, Snapchat and Instagram for branding purposes in business, not many people associate them with plastic surgery practices. However, it is entirely possible for these image-based social media platforms to be used by the medical industry in a few different ways with great success.

Promote Procedures and Products

Numerous medical professionals make the mistake of resorting to using only stock photos when they are in the process of creating their advertising campaigns. Wherever possible, plastic surgeons should ask satisfied patients for permission to share “before and after” photos on sites such as Flickr, Snapchat and Instagram once procedures have been performed successfully. This is one of the easiest ways for plastic surgeons to let everyone know who they are, the procedures they perform and how many existing clients they have assisted along the way who are completely satisfied with the end results of their chosen surgeries.

Consider Hosting Photo Contests

Many people who have had successful plastic or cosmetic surgery procedures will be more than willing to share the results of them with the world – and what better way to do it than by hosting a weekly contest that will enable site visitors to vote for the photo in which procedure they most want to have performed is featured. Patients whose photos that receive the most votes could be offered a or incentive such as a free consultation when he or she wants to have another procedure performed or even a free facial procedure such as dermabrasion or a laser facial treatment.

Share Behind the Scenes Photos with Patients

Posting photos that have been captured at staff parties, product launch functions or even photos of staff that are taken while some of the more popular procedures are being performed can go a long way in helping to create a sense of trust with patients while also helping to add a personal touch to a plastic surgery practice. Once potential and existing patients begin to feel a more personal connection with a plastic surgeon, they will be more likely and willing to either use his or her services for the first time or have additional procedures performed at a later stage.

Top Image Sharing Tips

When starting out with image sharing, it can be tempting for plastic surgeons to want to share numerous images as frequently as possible. However, social media experts normally recommend that a maximum of two to three images be shared each day to prevent “brand fatigue.” It is also strongly recommended that the same image not be shared more than once, as this will become monotonous for followers. Images should always be of a high quality and if anyone in them is recognizable, it is essential to obtain their permission before sharing them.

With more than 90% of social media users preferring images to text, it’s no wonder that more and more plastic surgeons are turning to this medium to promote their products and services. Over time, they will see that their images will receive far more attention from followers than any text-based message ever will. provides web marketing services and solutions exclusively to the cosmetic plastic surgery industry.


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