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How Social Media Can Build Patient Engagement Online

How Social Media Can Build Patient Engagement Online
Social Media Engagement

Many reputable plastic surgeons are already aware of how important it is to have a positive presence on social media. However, just having a presence on these networks is not nearly enough to build patient engagement online these days. Listed below are a few methods that have been proven to be highly successful with regards to plastic surgeon social media.

Responsive Social Media Profiles

Having numerous social media profiles alone will by no means guarantee that a plastic surgeon will attract a lot of followers or experience any form of patient engagement. Regardless of the amount of social networks a surgeon’s practice may be part of, regular interaction on each of them is the key to building a high level of engagement with patients. This can take place in the form of liking comments or queries that patients have been posted, sharing patients’ content that has been uploaded or even encouraging a healthy debate regarding an industry-related topic or procedure. As far as possible, any form of patient interaction online should not be ignored.

Provide Incentives for Sharing Content

Although many patients may have connected with their plastic surgeons via social media, not all of them will be too eager to spend a lot of time interacting and sharing the content on them unless they know that there will be something in it for them as well. If a plastic surgeon would like to improve patient engagement online, he or she should consider offering some form of incentive to patients who share the most posts, who leave the most meaningful and appropriate comments or who are able to attract the most new clients to the social media profile. Incentives can be in the form of spot prizes, discounts on a particular procedure or even a free consultation.

Add a Personal Touch

These days, patients want to know just as much about their plastic surgeons as they do about the procedures that he or she performs. In fact, many of them are reluctant to engage with a surgeon’s social media profiles if they seem as though they are automated or artificial in any way. Addressing patients by name when connecting via social networks is also recommended, and if a surgeon performs procedures of any sort for charities or other organizations that serve any underprivileged communities, photos of this work can also be shared.

Ask Questions

A simple way for plastic surgeons to build patient engagement online is for them to ask their followers a different question each day. This will not only enable them to get to know their patients better; it will also enable them to get a feel for the type of content that patients would like to read and topics that they would like to know more about. Surgeons can even ask patients to inbox them with questions, concerns or queries they may have and some of these can then be put out publically – without revealing the identity of the patient who asked, of course.

If using the above mentioned advice as part of a plastic surgeon social media marketing strategy seems like a lot of effort, there are companies who will be able to assist with each aspect of the process. provides web marketing services and solutions exclusively to the cosmetic plastic surgery industry.


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