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Don't Forget - Marketing Your Patients Can Also Help Build Your Practice

Don't Forget - Marketing Your Patients Can Also Help Build Your Practice

There are a countless number of ways that any plastic surgery practice can be advertised. From something as simple as word of mouth to something as complicated as long winded online campaigns, marketing is a vast concept. Ultimately, there are two goals of marketing: the first is to convince a potential customer to visit your website . The second is to convince them to use your product or service. Plastic surgeon marketing can use customer profiles to help encourage others to use their services.

Two Sides To Marketing

While convincing potential customers to visit your practice’s website can be difficult in itself, convincing someone to let your surgeons perform surgery on them isn’t always easy either. Generally speaking, what a person advertises is only a representation of their own statistics and opinions about their service. This creates something of an issue with potential customers – who can you trust if everyone is advertising trustworthy, speedy service with a smile? This often means that a bit of creativity in marketing is a necessity in order to stand out and to convince others that one particular business is a preferable choice over another. Since the practice’s word is probably biased, someone else’s word can come in handy.

Case Studies and Patient Profiles

When considering using patient profiles, the word “story” often comes to mind quickly. It’s true – a case study is like telling a story about your business. When a potential client enters your website and can read success stories, it tells them a few things. Firstly, it says that your business does a good enough job that you are able to convince people to become spokespersons for your practice. Secondly, it gives them a first-hand account of what procedures at your centers are like, which will make them feel more comfortable about the prospect of coming to you for theirs. Satisfied customers demonstrate to future customers that you can perform the procedures properly, safely, and professionally.

Creating Patient Profiles

When gauging the satisfaction of customers after their procedures are completed, it is often worth it to ask if they’d be willing to be interviewed for a patient profile. During such an interview, it is important to get as many specific statements as possible that can be quoted in a case study. If a patient says they liked that their procedure was “fast,” for instance, ask them how fast. The more specific quotations you can use, the more positive information your future patients will have to base their judgment of your practice on. This can do an enormous amount of good for your surgeon marketing, and will build a level of trust that can be very difficult to attain from individuals who aren’t your patients yet.

Any business that can build trust with potential patients has a significant edge over its competition. Plastic surgeon marketing can utilize patient profiles and case studies from satisfied patients to build that trust with potential patients that so often results in them visiting your practice and giving your surgeons a chance. provides web marketing services and solutions exclusively to the cosmetic plastic surgery industry.


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