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Is Your Practice’s Website Designed to Actually Convert Leads to Patients?

Is Your Practice’s Website Designed to Actually Convert Leads to Patients?
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Although numerous plastic surgeons have websites, very few of these have been properly optimized in order to convert website visitors and other potential leads into paying patients. However, with the right website development strategies and marketing team, almost any plastic surgeon’s website can be enhanced to ensure that the amount of leads it generates is increased substantially.

Use Customer Testimonials on your Site

Having testimonials on your site from past customers is one of the most convincing ways to convince a site visitor to use your services over those of a rival surgeon. Research has shown that having authentic customer testimonials on your site can increase leads and conversions by as much as 20%. These testimonials should also be spread throughout each page on your website, as a site visitor may not take the time to visit each page individually. Before using full names and photos of your clients in testimonials or any other form on your site however, it is essential to ensure that you have their permission to do so.

Optimize Page Loading Times

Case studies have shown that the faster your site’s pages load, the more likely visitors will be to stick around, which in turn means that they have more chance of converting to paying clients. Pages should take no longer than a second or two to load. If you are not able to perform tasks like this on your site, it is imperative that you hire an experienced website developer. Once your site’s loading time has been optimized, you can expect to see your site’s conversion rates increase by as much as 10%.

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Provide Updated Contact Details

One of the most common reasons for website visitors not being converted to paying patients could be the fact that your site does not have any updated contact details available. Being a surgeon, most people will want to schedule a face-to-face appointment with you before deciding whether to use your services or not. Details such as the physical address of your consulting rooms, contact numbers during office hours and your surgery’s operating hours should be prominently displayed on your site at all times.

Update your Site Regularly

When it comes to converting site visitors to patients in your practice, you need to ensure that your site is updated regularly. For example, if the same people visit your site regularly and see the same customer testimonials being displayed for months on end, they may begin to wonder whether they are legitimate or not. These should be updated at least every couple of weeks. Another way to update your site regularly is to post content pertaining to the procedures and services that you offer. One of the best ways to do this is by means of daily or weekly blog posts.

Once the necessary changes have been made to your website, you will not only begin to notice an increase in website traffic, you will also notice that more and more of your site visitors will be happy to be converted to paying patients. These patients will in turn spread the word about your website as well as the procedures you offer, which will also result in an increase in patient levels. provides web marketing services and solutions exclusively to the cosmetic plastic surgery industry.


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