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Case Studies

The proof is in the pudding.

Below is a collection of just some of the online success some of our clients have experienced. Some have elected to do just onsite SEO and some incorporated an advanced multi-pronged web marketing campaign.



SEO, Web Development, Blog Management, Content Marketing, Link Building


Web development, search engine optimization, link building, blog writing, social media management, newsletter construction and management, AdWords

Time Frame:

April 2010 – Present

Company Background:

Advanced Facial Aesthetics, a Boston area cosmetic plastic surgeon offering a variety of cosmetic procedures including facials, Botox, reconstructive surgery, rhinoplasty procedures and a variety of other highly competitive procedures.

The Challenge:

From day one we knew that we were starting with many new service pages. A new page requires time to build authority and in a competitive space that can require a bit more time and energy to execute properly. We were going up against other plastic surgeons that have established web pages for the same exact keywords we are targeting.

Upon starting the project we had the following issues to tackle:

  • Very low link popularity
  • No previous local SEO efforts
  • Procedures clustered onto one page
  • No rankings for any keywords
  • None converting website
  • No onsite SEO efforts

Our Strategy:

The first area we wanted to tackle was the website. Our goal was to create a central hub/community with many new service pages their audience could use to educate, learn and communicate. We dived in by building out all new service pages with SEO optimized content for all treatments and procedures. We then introduced a robust external marketing approach accompanied by a weekly blog writing regimen along with a social media campaign.


  • Traffic from April 2010 to July 2012 has increased 500%
  • Organic traffic increased 300%
  • Website now averages  12,000 visitors per/month
  • Website averages 350 unique visitors per/day
  • When we started it was averaging 20-30 visitors per/day
  • Website conversions have increased over 300% each month

Screenshot of recent figures:




Local Onsite SEO

Time Frame:

April 2014 – May 2014 – 30 business days.

Company Background:

Suite 103 is a medical spa located just North of Boston. Suite 103 offers Botox solutions, facials, peels and makeup services along with other medical spa services in the beauty industry.

Our Challenge

In this region there is quite a bit of competition for beauty related businesses. Boston and Greater Boston has many spas and plastic surgeon centers offering the same type of services. We were starting with a website that has had virtually no SEO or web marketing efforts previously conducted.

The site also had the following issues:

  • Low link popularity
  • Not enough service pages
  • Zero website rankings
  • No inbound marketing strategy
  • No previous local marketing efforts

SEO Strategy

Our initial strategy was to have well written SEO optimized content the search engines could catalog correctly. We focused on creating 300-400 word pages of content that had a very natural usage of keywords. We performed keyword research then combined those terms and phrases with localized variations specific to that geographical region, we custom crafted optimized meta data, URL structures, XML sitemap creation, image optimization and good clean coding. The results speak for themselves.


Beginning of April – Before onsite SEO work



  • Zero rankings in first position
  • 1 keyword in top 3
  • 9 keywords on page 1

End of April – After onsite SEO



  • 23 keywords in position 1
  • 36 keywords in top 3
  • 49 keywords on page 1

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