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Bing Advertising Services

Small but important.

One of Surgeonboost’s specialties is Bing advertising for plastic surgeons. Although Google is certainly the dominant search engine, Bing is still significantly more popular than it is given credit for. Because of its visual, more modern appeal, it has a high popularity among younger internet users. For this reason, you will find, as we have, that the proper kind of Bing advertising can open your business up to an entirely new audience.

Getting you Started

Before we jump into Bing PPC (pay-per-click advertising), there are a number of ways we can assist you with breaking into the Bing market. To start with, we will run over your pre-existing business objectives and goals and determine how best to approach Bing advertising based on them. After that, similar to regular PPC advertising, we can set up an account with Bing, and begin searching for the keywords that will bring about the highest visibility. We will also perform demographics research that will help you to determine where these ads should be focused and who would be the best people to be reading them.

Management and Upkeep

Of course, after an ad campaign has started, it’s not always the easiest thing to track. Paying per click means that your account will require constant upkeep, maintenance, and modification to stay current and relevant without going over its budget. Fortunately, if you require any help at all with this upkeep, our team includes experts at maintaining Bing accounts to make advertising an easy, transparent task for you.

With a little help and research, Bing can be the perfect way to attract an entirely new audience to your practice. Our friendly, approachable staff is always willing to lend a hand, and will keep monitoring your ad for as long as you’ll need it up for.

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