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6 Social Networks Every Plastic Surgeon Should be On

6 Social Networks Every Plastic Surgeon Should be On
Plastic Surgeon Networking

Social media has caused a huge spike in the desire for plastic surgery thanks to the proliferation of selfies and other pictures everywhere. There are even specific plastic surgeon social networks that can benefit you and your practice. If you haven’t heard of the social networks listed below, now is a good time to familiarize yourself with them.

1: RealSelf is a site geared toward patients who might be exploring the idea of cosmetic treatment for the first time. In addition to providing comprehensive listings on plastic surgeons, it also gives a primer of common techniques that people choose. By getting onto this network and creating a complete profile, you will be able to attract new patients and inform thousands of people across the world as your skills and specialties.

2: Vitals provides potential plastic surgeon patients a way to research doctors and facilities within their region. It also allows colleagues in the field to check in on their peers. This is one of the more comprehensive doctor social networks on the web today, with patients able to look into not only plastic surgery but virtually any other medical field as well. Even if your institution is on this network, it is still a good idea to fill in a profile for yourself.

3: WeMedUp

If you are looking for plastic surgeon social networks that allow you to collaborate with other professionals, is a great place to start. This is much more of a professional-focused site, offering the chance to pick the brains of prominent colleagues, learn about upcoming educational events, and interact with the medical community as a whole.

4: Doximity

A physician resource and social media site, allows physicians to create public profiles for patient references, connect with other healthcare providers in their field, and much more. It’s possible to track CME events through this website and even update your CV to be more easily accessible to patients and other medical organizations. The site states that 40% of all American physicians are currently listed here.

5: Sermo claims to be the largest online community that is exclusive to physicians, and it’s possible that this number is not far off. The network includes more than 270,000 physicians registered across the country, which equates to roughly one in every three doctors. There are more than 90 specialties included, with plastic surgery being one of them. This is a good site to try out if you want to get in better touch with the medical community as a whole.

6: ZocDoc

Finally, is a social network intended mostly for patients who need to find a doctor in a specific field. Patients choose a specialty, enter a zip code, and perform a search of physicians in their area. By setting up a profile here, you are putting your name out to hundreds if not thousands of different patients who might be looking for some plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is a field where many potential patients may feel more comfortable if they can do a search online first. By signing up for the plastic surgeon social networks listed here, you can make yourself more available to patients and garner some useful professional connections as well. provides web marketing services and solutions exclusively to the cosmetic plastic surgery industry.


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