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5 Reasons Why Your Plastic Surgery Center Has No Organic Visibility

5 Reasons Why Your Plastic Surgery Center Has No Organic Visibility

Plastic surgeon marketing is something that few medical professionals give much thought to – that is, until they are trying to determine why their client numbers are not increasing as they should. Here are just a few reasons why this could be the case.

1. Your Website Has Not Been Updated Since it was Set Up

Many plastic surgeons are under the impression that once they have placed a website online that contains a little info regarding the services they offer as well as their contact details, they no longer need to worry about any further online marketing. However, recent changes made to Google’s search algorithms mean that sites which are updated more regularly will be placed higher in search engine rankings. A site which is updated even once a month or once every second month will score higher search rankings than those that are not updated at all.

2. You Have Not Embraced the Use of Social Media

More and more patients are turning to the internet when they require information regarding plastic surgery procedures, pricing and general industry feedback. If you as the surgeon do not have the time or you are not sure how to use social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you will want to hire the services of an individual or social media marketing company that can provide your practice with this necessary and affordable form of online exposure.

3. Your Site is Not Mobile-Ready

These days, it is quite a challenge to go anywhere without seeing at least a few people accessing the internet by means of a smart phone or tablet device. This means that if your plastic surgeon marketing site and its accompanying content is not able to be viewed correctly on devices like these, you will definitely be losing out on a great deal of organic traffic and potential clients to boot.

4. Your Website Content Only Caters for Search Engines

Although it is important to ensure that you implement the correct SEO techniques on your website, you will still need to ensure that the content on it is readable by physical site visitors instead of just by search engines and bots. Ensure that the content placed on your site is of a high quality standard and that it is completely relevant to your industry and the services you provide.

5. Horror of Horrors – You Don’t Have Any Form of Online Presence

If you have been relying on outdated forms of advertising such as Yellow Pages listings or newspaper adverts, it’s no wonder that your practice is not receiving any form of organic visibility. You will need to rectify this situation by employing the services of a reputable website design and management company. These companies will not only be able to provide you with a search-engine-optimized website; in many cases, they will be more than willing to manage your social media marketing needs as well.

When someone Google’s your practice they should see:

  • Business profiles
  • Press releases
  • Videos
  • Social profiles

Once the abovementioned flaws have been addressed and corrected, your plastic surgeon marketing strategy will be well on its way to attracting new clients to your practice and letting the industry as a whole know what you as a surgeon are capable of doing. provides web marketing services and solutions exclusively to the cosmetic plastic surgery industry.


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